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Discover the Danish way to work

Renowned workplace benefits and jobs with purpose.

Enjoy Danish workplace benefits

South Jutland, as indeed the whole of Denmark, is world renowned for its work-life balance. The Danes believe a respectful workplace is an efficient workplace. That’s why great emphasis is placed upon manageable working hours, flexibility and a workplace that gives back. Many workplaces offer a structured plan for your professional development and outside of work you’ll find a broad range of local associations that offer sports and cultural activities you can take part in.

Respect for your work and life

5 weeks’ guaranteed holiday per year is the law in Denmark. This ensures you can switch off from work on a holiday and, when you are back, be 100% switched on. Balancing time at work with the time you spend with your family and friends is something that every Danish employer respects and will help you with.  

Your ideas make a difference

Working in Denmark, you’ll find that most workplaces encourage a flat hierarchy. Good ideas and initiatives are embraced wherever they come from – whether top management or junior employees. With a rich network of companies all leading the green transition you can be sure of a workplace where you can really make a difference in South Jutland.